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Why is LED driver switching so efficient?


As a new light source, the research of Led Power Driver switches and driver circuits has been in progress in recent years by major companies and research institutes. The main function of the LED drive circuit is to convert the AC voltage to a DC voltage and simultaneously complete the matching of the voltage and current of the LED. As the silicon integrated circuit power supply voltage plummets, the LED operating voltage is increasingly in the optimal range of the output voltage of the power supply, and most of the technologies for low-voltage IC supply are also suitable for powering LEDs, especially high-power LEDs. .

In order to improve efficiency, the output voltage of the white Led Power Supply driving switching charge pump that has been applied in recent years is no longer an integral multiple of the input voltage. The negative voltage charge pump white LED Driver can switch the working mode of each channel separately, compared with the LED driver scheme of I times voltage/1.5 times positive voltage charge pump, improve the working efficiency remarkably. High efficiency is the overall energy saving requirement of the LED drive system. The high efficiency of the LED drive power supply is the basis and guarantee of low temperature rise, long life, and high reliability.

1, high efficiency, low temperature rise, long life.

If 105°C is selected and the life is 10000 hours, the electrolytic capacitor has a lifespan of 20,000 hours at 95°C. The working life in the environment is 40,000 hours. For example, if the Infinity drive power supply is operating at a maximum operating temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the electrolytic capacitor is roughly controlled at about 85 degrees Celsius, and the life time can reach 40,000 hours. For example, if the operating time is 12 hours per day, The life expectancy is nearly 10 years.

2, high efficiency, low loss, low temperature rise.

If a 100W LED drive power is output, when the efficiency reaches 95%, the loss is 5.2W. When the efficiency is only 85%, the loss is up to 17.6W. The latter is 3.4 times that of the former. Experiments show that under the same conditions, the former Lower temperature than the latter 10 - 15 °C.

3, high efficiency, low temperature rise, high reliability, with the LED drive power switch temperature is reduced, IC, power semiconductor work environment improvement, MTBF (mean time between failures) will be significantly improved.

4, LED chip temperature will lead to changes in the performance of light-emitting devices and the attenuation of the efficiency of the electro-optic conversion, in severe cases, even failure, there are experimental tests show that: LED self temperature rise of 5 °C, luminous flux decreased by 3%.

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