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Analysis of Similarities and Differences Between EPS Power Supply and UPS Power Supply


Power is common in people's lives, but the market is constantly changing. Some power companies continue to research new products in order to meet the needs of the market and keep pace with the times. The following discusses the differences between the EPS and the UPS power supply.

1. From the definition of IEC, standby UPS is when the mains supply is normal, and the mains supplies power to the load. When the mains power fails, the batteries provide energy and the inverter supplies power to the load. The EPS is functionally consistent with the above-mentioned standby UPS definition. However, to say that EPS is a backup UPS is unscientific, and it has no intention of demeaning the important role of EPS. As we all know, the commonly used backup UPS is a small power range, and most of the protection objects are PCs. Due to the non-emphasis on the object of protection, large market demand, low technical content, fierce price competition, and high quantity of counterfeit goods, resulting in low product quality and large repair rate, leaving people with bad impressions. Backup UPS is optional. IT industry peripherals. The EPS is an emergency power supply | regulator, with an emphasis on emergency. It is truly a device for "keeping troops for a thousand days and using only a temporary force." In order to be truly emergency, there is a high expectation for the reliability of the EPS.

2. EPS topology design is not a simple combination Some people think: EPS (electronic part) = rectifier / charger + inverter + output transfer switch (inter-projection device) + control unit and other components can constitute an emergency power supply. It is true that the basic unit of EPS is composed of the above parts, but in order to meet the reliability of the whole machine (MTBF), how to assign the reliability of each basic unit is the most reasonable? The following formula tells us: EPSMTBF = (rectifier / charger) MTBF + (inverter) MTBF + (transfer switch) MTBF + (control unit) MTBF It can be seen from the above formula, the MTBF of the whole machine is formed by the superposition of the MTBF of the major components, so the overall design of the EPS needs to be studied in detail. analysis. Calculate the MTBF of each major component, increase the MTBF of weak components, and configure the safety life cycle of each component from the overall safety life cycle of the EPS.

3. EPS manufacturers come on board due to recent years, China's UPS market has been fully reshuffled, and some are small. No-name UPS manufacturers can't stand the test of market rules and are in danger of being eliminated. In order to escape the destiny of being washed, holding a sensible attitude to rush to change production of EPS, attempting to fish out, pray for rescue urgent needs, causing China's EPS market appears "battle phenomenon" phenomenon. They do not understand what kind of EPS the market really needs. They blindly use the major components to make up and combine methods for production. At the same time, they use inferior raw materials for price competition. How can they guarantee high reliability of EPS?

4. Causes of chaos in the EPS market People are increasingly aware of the importance of EPS in the life and production of emergency power supplies. However, due to the fact that there are still no national standards to harmonize their technical standards and production specifications, this has caused confusion in China's EPS market. The main reason is that the ultimate victim may be direct users. The UPS in the IT industry is very different from its counterpart, not only the country's national standard, but also the systems. The industry's own selection criteria. EPS manufacturers must be like UPS manufacturers, in order to win the market, must optimize the design, adopt new technologies, increase production efficiency, reduce costs, improve reliability, meet the different requirements of users. Only the continuous improvement of product quality, after-sales service continues to improve, EPS products can get the user's approval.

The similarities and differences between EPS and UPS

EPS is the application of UPS developed in Europe and the United States advanced countries, due to grid-connected power supply, adequate power, while the power quality is good, coupled with the specifications of electrical equipment, will not cause power grid pollution on the power grid, mutual interference. Therefore, on many occasions, it is not recommended to use a double inverter online UPS. Instead, it is recommended to use an UPS under the state of energy-saving ECO (ECONOMYCONTROLOPERATION). Normally, the load is supplied by the utility. When the utility power is abnormal, the battery is reversed. Inverter output power supply.

In Europe, such UPS with energy-saving working status is called CPS (Center Power Supply). The reason for its wide adoption is that the on-line UPS with double inverter working mode has an energy conversion efficiency of AC→DC→AC when the utility power is normal. 90%, while the UPS (CPS, EPS) under energy-saving working conditions has a power conversion efficiency as high as 99% when the utility power is normal, and the availability of grid-connected utility power can reach 99.99% or more, that is, only 0.01% of power outages. Probability, so the use of CPS (EPS) power, its energy-saving effect is very significant.

At the same time, the inverter of the EPS is in the startup state, but it does not output power and is similar to the dormant state. The continuous output power of the EPS inverter over the inverter of the UPS can greatly prolong the service life. In fact, the high-end EPS product is a UPS in a sleep state. When the mains power is normal, the quality of the EPS is lower than that of the UPS. However, today's electricity is connected to the grid to meet the requirements of most electric equipment.

Therefore, people are concerned about the eternal theme of power saving and two factors of high reliability. In most cases, EPS is superior to UPS. If the quality of the power grid is good, the power supply is reliable, and the specifications of the electrical equipment are used, it may be possible to use EPS to replace the double inverter online UPS in many cases in China instead of using UPS instead of EPS. Of course, in some very critical devices, double inverter online UPS is still needed.

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